Invincible - The College Fest - MITRC Alwar

Behind me is infinite power

before me is endless possibility.

around me is boundless opportunity.

because I am ‘the INVINCIBLE’.



It is a national event which is a rich blend of academics, an anthem of creative talents and performing arts. It also extends and opportunity to showcase the students attitude and aptitude with quarter nary activities. It is a confluence of future engineering and business experts, academicians and sports enthusiasts.

A total of 22 technical and creative activities were organized. Some of them are as follows-

  1. Poster Making – Students designed excellent posters to impart a message to the society to conduit and stop the use of alcohol.
  1. Simulink Mania – Based on circuit designing on MAT lab software.
  1. Program Warriors – Based on developing a program in C-language in a given time.
  1. U-Turn– Students took part in the extempore and spoke on various topics like IPL, Success, Team Work, Time Management etc.
  1. T-Shirt Painting – The diverse shades of Indian Culture and heritage were exhibited by the student on T-Shirts. The theme was “Incredible India”.
  1. Just in Time- it was based on assembling and dissembling of an engineering machine or equipment in given time.
  1. Mind-Mania– Mind bobbling activities on brand awareness and corporate know-how was organized.
  1. Music Mantra– A rhythmical event based on identifying musical components.
  1. Brain-Twister– Puzzle solving based on varied aspects of engineering.
  1. Ad-Making– A creative event to widen the creative horizons of the students and to designs advertisements on different products.

Other than there Dancing, Singing, Skits and Ramp Shows were also performed by the students under the cultural genre.

Various sports activities were also held including Basket Ball, Volley Ball, Chess, Table Tennis, Kho-Kho competitions.

The jury members sat gaping and appreciated the amazing energy and exemplary talent of the students. MITRC, under the patronage of Mr. Dharampal Choudhary, Mr. Amit Choudhary and Mr. Ashok Agarwal, have always been a perfect platform for students to show their technical and cultural prowess in a plethora of pure and cross-disciplinary engineering and cultural events.