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Civil Engineering | MITRC Alwar

Civil Engineering

Modern Institute of Technology & Research Centre, Alwar

About the Department

The Civil Engineering aims to improve the civic life of society by harnessing the natural resources available on earth. The major areas in the field of Civil Engineering are construction technology, Geo technical Engineering, Transportation Engineering, municipal and sanitary services, surveying and mapping, and hydraulics & water resources. Broadly a civil engineer is expected to do planning, research, design and construction of building and roads; traffic and transportation, irrigation and power, water supply and sewage disposal, dam and reservoirs, ports and harbors, airways and navigation, treatment of industrial wastes and abatement of air pollution, noise pollution and disaster mitigation.

The Civil department of MITRC Alwar creates professional civil engineers, who can build the nation in future and empower the world with the education attained here with us. The department effectively nurtures the students to create infrastructure and build the world with seamless techniques and efforts. The civil engineers fabricate the prosperity of the nation with impressive structures.

Laboratory Facilities:

· Mechanics Lab

· Fluid Mechanics Lab

· CEM and Geology Lab

· Material Testing Lab

· Concrete Lab

· Hydraulic Lab

· Surveying Lab

· Structural Engineering Lab

· Environment Engineering Lab

· Road Materials Testing Lab

· Geotechnical Engineering Design Lab

Water Resources Engineering Design Lab