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Electronics & Comm. | MITRC Alwar



The Electronics and Communication Engineering is the most important discipline in Engineering in the present digital world. It has large applications in residential, commercial and industrial spheres including defense, health, banking, insurance, research, communication, railways and other major sectors of a country.

The ECE Department of MITRC Alwar is committed to provide quality education and produce competent engineers with great holistic values. The department has well qualified & highly experienced faculty members. The department has conducted many workshops, conferences, and invited many repute and well known personalities of the country including Dr. Rajeev Gupta, Head ECE Deptt. RTU, Kota,Dr Mithlesh Kumar, RTU, Kota, Dr. S Chatterji, NITTTR, Chandigarh for guest lectures and we are continuing with this practice to give maximum exposure to the faculty members as well as students of Rajasthan and neighbouring states.

Faculty members lay more stress on projects, industry visits, seminars, group discussion besides regular teaching. Students are encouraged to design, model, simulate and fabricate electronic circuits for various applications

Laboratory Facilities

For exploring the practical knowledge required for competing in the modern trends , the MITRC Alwar ECE Department fulfill all the requirements of student. The laboratories in the ECE Department are well furnished & well equipped with the Modern Instruments manufactured by Esteemed Organization. Some of the Instruments are manufactured in our Research & Development Lab.

Department is equipped with adequate number of lab equipments including Universal burner for Embedded System Design , Digital IC tester, Xilinx FPGA kit for DSP , Allen Bradley PLCs with latest software support like Tina Pro, Multisim, Tanner, Keil, Proteus, Circuit Maker etc. We have a large list of completely established labs, Out of which some are mentioned below:

Electronics Lab

Electronics Measurement Lab

Communication Lab

Wireless Communication Lab


Microwave Lab

Microprocessor Laboratory

Embedded System Laboratory

Scope for Employment:

Placement in leading Core communication companies like Havels, Kotsons, BSNL, MTNL, Reliance Communications, Tata Telecomm, Hutch, Bharti Telecom, Airtel, CISCO, IBM, Agilent, Alcatel, AT&T , Ericsson and Govt. of India’s Navratan Companies.