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Gymnasium | MITRC Alwar

Gymnasium MITRC Alwar

MITRC Alwar also facilitates its students with a fully-fledged gymnasium having all modern equipments needed to keep the students fit and healthy. The Campus comes into the liveliest mode when hundreds of students staying in hostels are found enjoying the pleasure of these sports as players and audience in evening. The gym will be closed at certain times for cleaning

The gym in MITRC Alwar contains  lifting racks and benches with sets of weights; lifting mats with Olympic bars and rubber bumper plates; a full set of dumbbells (2.5kg to 50kg); a dip machine; a glute-ham raise machine; swiss balls and stretching mats. The gym also contains  aerobic equipment: Concept II ergometers, treadmills, cross trainers (elliptical machines); exercise bikes;  stairmaster;  versaclimber; multi-gym (mainly upper body).

Opening Hours
Monday – Friday:
Morning 05:00AM  to 10:00AM
Evening 04:00PM  to 08:00PM