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Mech. Contours Club | MITRC Alwar


  1. To organize skill development activities.
  2. Organizing workshops, seminars & conferences.
  3. Creating team spirit & healthy competition among students through contests/quizzes.
  4. Coordination of sports & cultural activities.
  5. To organize debate, group discussions & personality development programs.

Membership Requirements:

  1. Being a student of mechanical branch of institute.
  2. Attending and participating in all meetings/activities.
  3. Contributing to the preparation and the coordination of the club’s activities.

Membership Advantages:

  1. The priority to attend sessions and activities.
  2. Obtaining certificates of attendance for courses or workshops attended.
  3. Getting support from institute when you show special skills.

Student Coordinators:

  • Yogesh Pareek
  • Rohit Saini
  • Ayank Gupta

Chief  Patrons:

  1. Shri Ashok Aggarwal (Executive Director)
  2. Shri Amit Choudhary (Secretary)

Advisory Group:

  1. Prof.(Dr.) S. K Sharma (Director)
  2. Mr. Sanjay Babu Sharma ( Dean Academics)
  3. Mr. Neeraj Jain (Dean Exam)
  4. Mr. Vikas Mahalawat (Dean Student Affairs)
  5. Mrs. Chhavi Nagpal (HR Executive)
  6. Ms. Vaishali Gupta (TPO)
  7. Mr. Mukesh Choudhary (HOD-ME)

Faculty Coordinator:

Mr. Kalyan Singh

Faculty Mentors:

Mr. Surendra Kumar

Mr. Sushil Kumar Maurya