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Mechanical Engineering | MITRC Alwar

Mechanical Engineering Department

About the Department

“ One Man’s Magic is another man’s engineering . Supernatural is a null word” These golden words were said by Robert A. Heinlein the famous science fiction writer ,according to him engineering is what makes the world, renovates the world.

Mechanical Engineering is the oldest and core branch of engineering and we at MITRC Alwar in department of mechanical engineering believe to live mechanical daily every single second in our veins. “quality teaching methodology” along with the engineering and management principles like JIT,JIS,KAIZEN ,Lean manufacturing along with mechanical in-depth knowledge about each and every element like production ,thermal, mechanics, is what we aim so as to stimulate intellectual curiosity ,creativity and innovativeness. Our mechanical department is equipped with latest industrial machineries , For eg. CNC MACHINE of BATLIBOI (Fanuc Oi mate TD) So that our students can go through the core in these 4 golden years of their life. Our dedicated ,highly qualified & experienced faculty members believe in building scholars with will and skill.

The Department is broadly divided into three academic groups : Thermal engineering ,production & industrial engineering and design. We are continuously welcoming and working on innovative ideas in our research & development lab as ideas are necessary for nurturing brains. Industrial approach of “QUALITY ,QUANTITY AND QUANTUM OF TIME “ Is our slogan also and being cultivated in our students so as to make them the best mechanical engineers of this world.



PRODUCTION & PROCESS ENGINEERING – Which is being required In almost every industry today whether it be automotive groups , , or any physical product based group . having the largest scope and the highest incomes this stem of mechanical engineering is just the best.

AUTOMATION – When we talk about automation it is to make material alive within certain boundaries, keeping the concept of statics and dynamics without a proper structure and automation the machine is meaningless, worthless in which it is done. Each and every industry today needs automation.

ROBOTICS – Remembering an old movie in which robots were the time teller of future today robotics is considered to be an important invention for future times. Whether for complex field operation or to strike the core of SUN where human can only think in a dream is being made possible by robots which constitute 80 percent of mechanical engineering.

POWER PLANTS – Energy is continuously being made and conserved. for both the process engineering at the core is required.

DEFENSE SECTORS – Indian army, Indian air force , Indian navy is continuously providing direct entries to engineers considering there worth and the graph of previous years shows there deep interest in mechanicalites.

180 different sectors, million companies as above including government, semi government, private , foreign opportunities are ready for giving opportunity to good mechanical engineers . the question is now do u have it in you?