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Tech Wizard Club | MITRC Alwar

Mission  & Vision of TECH WIZARD

  • To motivate and provides excellence knowledge of young and dynamic computer science students to become as technology innovative leader, shape and preserve society with world class research environment.
  • Develop the students with core and basic conception of programming with most modern computer engineering knowledge.
  • Provides prospective approach to promote leadership skills in students with global IT Challenges .
  • To make the students good and worthy citizens of India serve superior digitalization revolution in the our society



  • Students are encourage to become more active.
  • Promote student Learning and Achievements.
  • Encourage the development of critical thinking skills.
  • It enhances Social skills Interactions.
  • Learning Outcomes are improved.
  • It can save time and requires a shared Workload.
  • Students get the chance to work on large projects


  • Online Quiz
  • Code Debugging
  • Model/project competition
  • Departmental Social activities
  • Programming wars
  • Spoken tutorial
  • Fundamental
  • Programming Test
  • Online Aptitude Test
  • National Technical conference